İstanbul Carpet - Turkish handmade carpet, kilim, rug, bedspreads, bags..
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    turkish handmade kilim, rug


    Mostly used in old Ottoman House and tents, put it on the sofa, cedar or floor, colored and embroidered woolen woven kilims.
    patchwork carpet,turkish handmade carpet, rug


    Recreate  from the traditional hand-woven carpets such as wool and cotton by the re-processing, patchwork and vintage carpets.
    handmade turkish carpet, istanbul carpets, rug

    Pure wool, silk, cotton or mixed yarn woven, all hand-made, handicraft Special handmade
    istanbulcarpet classic collection
    suzani, ikat, pillow, handmade bedspreads


    All hand embroidery, made of silk or
    cotton-silk blend
    bedspreads, tablecloths, ottoman kaftans and pillows.

    Handmade carpet, kilim, bedspreads and pillows...        

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